David's Thoughts


I came home last week to find my dog Toby, sitting on the picnic table in the back yard. Now if his name was Snoopy or Scooby-Doo, this would probably be normal. But Toby is a 4 pound Chorky, (that’s half Chihuahua/half Yorkshire Terrier), (and we’re not for sure which half actually comes first), with legs the length of match sticks and a jumping ability limited to barely being able to hurdle over the door threshold. He hates the grass because it tickles his belly and if he falls over outside, no one can tell. So, jumping on the picnic table was not in the realm of possibility. I went out the back door and said to him, so what’s up other than you. He gave me that pitiful look like, “Hey, I’m not here because I want to be.” Suddenly Betty came out the back door and said she was glad I was home because the dog needed to be groomed. She had put him on the table to start the progress and needed me to watch him while she went to get his brush. And she left.

The dog and I caught up on each other’s week and shortly, Betty appeared with the brush. As she was grooming Toby’s coat, I suddenly noticed that she was using my hair brush! MY HAIR BRUSH! I said, “Hey, is that my brush!!”

“Yes,” she said casually. “ The bristles are not as stiff as my brush because you hair is not as long, and, let’s be honest, as thick as mine. I’ve always used your brush for Toby. Is that a problem?”

I was kind of horrified! “Please tell me you clean if after you use it!”

“Well of course I clean it, I’m not you. I brush it out and sterilize it. It’s cleaner now than when you were the only one using it.”

She finished brushing the dog, (with my brush!), and then said, “Now, I need to trim his nails. Stay here and watch him while I get some clippers.” And she left.

She returned with clippers and began the process of cutting the dogs nails. Suddenly I noticed she was using my clippers! MY CLIPPERS! “Hey, are those my nail clippers?!”

“Well, yes,” she said, once again casually, “Your clippers are bigger than mine and they’re rounded at the end so they’re better for the dog. I always use you clippers for Toby. Is that a problem?”

Once again, horrified! “Are you kidding me? You use my nail clippers on the Dog? Please tell me you clean them too!

“Well of course I clean them. I wash them and sterilize them. His nails are usually cleaner than yours and his don’t fly 20 feet across the room when they’re clipped!”

She finished the clipping, (with my clippers), and then said, “Now I need to clean his teeth, stay here and watch him while I get a toothbrush. And she left………………….!

Every day in my life I discover new things. Things that sometimes shock me. Things that make me cry or laugh. Things that cause me to ask why. The television news is running 24 hours a day and we are bombarded by stories that we, even 20 years ago, would have thought unreal. The absurd stories by the newspaper “The National Enquirer” from when I was a kid, now seem tame. Everyday I maneuver around stories from the world that sometimes shake me to my core. But there is a constant in all of this. There is a God who gives peace and makes sense out of the chaos of this life. His name is Jesus. I trust that you know Him and if not, read His love letter to you and discover something in this life that never changes.

We have had a wonderful year sharing Jesus all across our nation. Thank you for your prayers and care for us. We were so busy this last year and next year is shaping up to be another 12 months of great opportunity to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ. For those who have helped us financially, I thank you. The road is difficult and expensive. You have blessed us and given us the ability to go and tell. There is still time to contribute to our ministry this year either online or by mail. We thank you for remembering us and providing for us on the road. You have blessed us!

We hope you all have had a great Christmas and that you are headed to a wonderful new year. I, myself, am headed to Wal-Mart to get a new tooth brush! God bless.