David's Thoughts

The Bible Loses Again?

So I’m reading an article today entitled, The Bible Loses Again. It is a commentary on the ban that has been lifted on homosexual marriage.  I use the word “homosexual” instead of “gay” because I’m still mad that a perfectly good word has been taken hostage by a group that has tried to sugarcoat their open rebellion against God.  The article stated that the California judge who reversed the proposition found no Constitutional basis against homosexual marriages.  Since it is not mentioned anywhere in our basic law, then it can’t be halted.  Well what was wrong with our founding fathers?  What were they thinking to NOT put in a provision to ban marriage between two men or two women?  IT WAS A NON-ISSUE!  Never in a million years, or two hundred and twenty three years, did they think this subject would come up.  And they were pretty sharp about looking ahead to see what the pitfalls would be to forming a new government.  Oh I’m not so naive as to think that people weren’t practicing homosexuality 200 years ago.  But I can’t find in our history where it was blatantly flaunted with pride.  It was and still is sin.  Changing the name does not change the offense.  It is a sin as other sins that people struggle with and must give over to God for a life in Him.  I’ve never seen a time when God was so openly defied.  However, they’re right.  The judge in California, the homosexual couples, the liberal politicians.  They’re all right.  You can’t legislate morality.  It’s not a legal issue, it’s a moral issue, and without God, there is no moral yardstick.  I am saddened by all of this and other instances where God is mocked and scorned in our country.  We can’t expect anything more from a society that denies God.  The author of the article I read stated that since you can’t get people to believe in a God of judgement, then they just don’t care what the consequences of refuting Him may be.  We as God’s ambassadors are to pray for all people to come to know him.  I find I have a real problem hating someone’s guts, when I pray for them.  Pray that the spirit of God will open their eyes to His glory.  That they may see Him in us.  Pray that our leaders will turn to the Lord for guidance as they navigate the dark waters of this time.  One day the constitution and all it contains and represents will be gone, but “the Word of the Lord lasts forever.” (I Peter 1:25)

“One day they will see Him, as we know He is, and at His feet they will fall.Flags will come down and His banner we’ll raise, Jesus is Lord of all.”