David's Thoughts


Today, at 5 pm my sweet wife Betty undergoes surgery for breast cancer.  Thank you to all who have and are praying for her.  The churches I’ve been in for the last few weeks have valiantly prayed and lifted her up to the father.  I am overwhelmed by their care and concern.  Two weeks ago, First Baptist in Coleman laid hands on me and prayed for Betty to be made whole.  When I stepped out on the podium at West Houston United Methodist church last week, nearly every woman, child, and yes, man, was wearing pink to show their support and prayers for Betty.  Yesterday, the pastor at Calvary Baptist in Rosenberg prayed for Betty’s healing in such a way that he believed it was already accomplished.  He was simply thanking God for it.  I like faith!  I spoke to the Huntsville Independent School District earlier this year.  The wonderful superintendent there sent a mass email to the entire district last week to inform them of Betty’s condition and to be remembering her in prayer.  Churches, individuals, and companies have called and written to tell us that they are joining us in prayer for this unique time that we are traveling through.  There is such a sense of peace and joy in knowing that we are not alone in this.  Not only does God walk with us and in us, but His people are there, constantly reminding Him of us.  How precious is this time!  Today, again, I let my petition be made known to the Lord.  I pray for Betty’s healing.  For her recovery.  For clear scans.  And then, I’ll thank him for the blessed support shown by our spiritual family.  Folks who’ve lifted us up and invested their time in us to the Father.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We are loved and it is wondrous.