David's Thoughts


Betty is doing wonderfully well, for several reasons.  She is stronger each day as we get further from her surgeries and medication, and on Wednesday of next week, Jan. 30th, we’re expecting our first grandchild!  That’s right, grandparents for the first time.  In a past blog, I gave my son some great name suggestions for the new child.  You may want to check back to that blog and reread the possibilities that I offered up. I felt as though they were inspired.  I received an email from my son Josh that stated none of the choices for the baby’s name were acceptable.  That I was out of touch with current styles of names.  I wrote him back and in no uncertain terms told him that he didn’t know Jack about names.  So last week I find that they’re naming the baby “Jack!”  I should have told him that he didn’t know David about names!  So Jack is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday at 1:00 pm.  Betty is flying up on Tuesday to meet with the other grandmother, Debbie, who is already there.  Then they will began to plan strategy as to who holds the baby and for how long, thick or thin blanket, socks or booties, cloth or throw away, paper or plastic….  I don’t really know what they will be doing, but I know they’ll be doing it for about 2 weeks at least.  I’ve tried to prepare my son for the invasion of the grand mommies, but I don’t think he’s fully ready for the blast.  I just hope he gets to see the baby while they’re there.  Maybe they’ll text him some pictures so he can watch the child grow.  I told Betty that we had enough frequent flier miles for her to fly up to see the grand baby three times.  She said, “Well that will get me through February, so what do we do about March?”  This could be a long and wonderful year.

Betty takes her last herceptin medication on Monday, Jan. 28th.  We still have some issues and still have not completed the scans.  However, right now we are doing great.  This last year has been most difficult and amazing.  We’ve seen the hand of God in so many ways.  Thank you for the prayers and the support that so many of you have blessed us with.  Continue to pray for Betty if you would a little longer.  Continue to pray for the ministry the Lord has entrusted us with.  We simply want to be useful in the kingdom.  This is my last blog under “RECOVERY CHRONICLES.”  We are recovering so wondrously, I feel it is time to move on.  We will still have blogs under the other categories, so please tune in to those as we write and try to bring a perspective and maybe some laughter to everyday life.  We love you all and thank you again for loving us back.  Gotta go now, trying to decide between a puppy or a go-cart.  Or I could just get both.  Jack will like that!  Step aside grand mommies!