David's Thoughts


At a young pastors conference not long ago, I started my message by saying, "I've been married for 41 years."  These were all relatively new guys to the ministry with young churches and new marriages.  They were impressed with my statement and interrupted my opening sentence with loud applause.  In the middle of their clapping I finished my opening line by saying, "to seven different women."  You should see preachers try to take back applause.  They were rubbing their hands together, wiping their palms with tissue, and passing around small bottles of Purell.  I then told them It was my opening joke, but I think some of them never trusted me for the rest of the presentation.  

The truth is, as of today, September 1, 2015, I have been married for 42 years.  Yes, to the same woman,  Betty. We met in High School.  It was the best thing I ever accomplished in school.  When I first met Betty, I said, "Lord, if I can just pick and choose, that brunette right there will do just fine!"  And she did.  The time has come and gone so quickly.  It seems as though the first time I saw her was just a few weeks ago.  What a great adventure we have had.  People ask me how I managed to have such a great marriage.  I just respond with, "I married Betty."  

42 years ago today, we eloped.  That's right, we ran away and got married.  We were of different denominations church wise and to avoid what we thought would be a problem with a wedding, we just went off on our own and got married.  We were like the church goin' Romeo and Juliet, except nobody died.  Justice of the Peace Joe Brown did the wedding in his living room in Dallas, we ate lunch at Kip's Big Boy hamburger stand and began our life together.  It was the best wedding I have ever attended and the best burger I have ever eaten, all because Betty was there.

I'm asked all the time, what would you do differently about marriage if you could go back.  Honestly, I'd just marry her sooner.  Some things you just know are right.  

We were looking at our wedding pictures not long ago.  She is just as beautiful to me today as she was then.  I, on the other hand, not so much!  In every picture of us lately, Betty looks like she's talking to Santa about Christmas.  I asked her the other day if she would love me when I'm old and pitiful.  She responded, "Honey, I do."

I can not explain our relationship, other than to say that we are simply devoted to each other.  She is my best friend.  The bible speaks of the two becoming one.  I truly understand that verse.  I realize it in our relationship.  I have heard that after many years together, the little old man begins to look like the little old woman, and the little old woman begins to look like the little old man.  For Betty's sake, I pray that is not the case!  But our hearts become so entwined with each other, that it is hard to tell where one stops and the other begins.

Betty's fight with cancer hasn't brought us closer.  We were already close.  It has caused us though, to treasure our time together even more and to cherish each moment that God has given us.  42 years.  Wow!  I was about 6 years old when we got married.  It was the best decision I made that year!

It is said that women marry men hoping to change them and men marry women, hoping they won't change.  I have been changed for the better by her love.  I try not to even think of where I would be without this relationship that God has so richly blessed me with.  In the exciting and the non-exciting, I love her.  Right now, while I write this blog, she is swatting a wasp on the window and asking me if I remembered what purchase I made at Lowe's for $21.41, and I just love her.  The way she swings that fly swatter is just a joy to me!  

Betty, happy anniversary!  After all these years, you're still my girl.  It's been the best journey.  Thank you for loving the man that I can't help but be!  We start working on 43 tomorrow.  I would elope with you all over again and I would eat another Big Boy hamburger with you in a heart beat!  I'm ready for whatever as long as you are there.  I love you!            

Fall Schedule

We've had a wonderful summer this year.  We've been from the rocky coast of Maine, to the green hills of Virginia, to the cool air of Colorado and then to the stifling heat of Texas!  We've seen people receive Jesus from the ages of 8 to 84!  We've covered a lot of territory, physically and spiritually.  Thanks to all the pastors and churches who have used us this year.  I'm still amazed every time the phone rings or the email comes from someone wanting us to share Christ.  We started our 35th year of this ministry in March of this year.  You'd think by now I would have found a job!  My dad used to ask me when I was going to get a REAL job.  "You know," he'd say, "one with benefits."  I always told him "This job's benefits are out of this world!" I don't know that he ever understood that.  

We've had some cancellations in September of this year.  Pastors resigning and moving will cut into our schedule pretty fast.  If your church or organization can use us next month, please call and let's schedule something.  I want to be used and not be idle.  If you know of an event or revival that we could be a part of, let us know.  Email or call the office.  Operators are standing by, well actually Betty is sitting by the phone, but it's the same principal, just smaller scale.

I hope your summer was terrific!  We're looking forward to the fall with great anticipation that God will continue to move in his people.  Thank you for praying for us.  Hope to see some of you very soon

In Christ, David



A New Musical Record!

I recorded my first music album back in nineteen hundred and none of your business.  It was a neat little record called, "Little Red Boat."  Many people still request it, though by a myriad of names.  "Little Red Truck," "Little Green Men," and my personal favorite, "Little Lead Balloon."  The latter is about how it first went over.  The album came out when cassettes were just becoming the rage.  I received my first shipment of vinyl and cassette while on my way to a church in Louisiana.  Upon arrival, I told the Pastor about my new musical work and that I would like to make the album available to his people.  He was so very excited about the album release being at his church and told me he would like to make the announcement himself.  Sure enough, after the service, he got up and addressed the people.  "Folks, Brother David here has just recorded a new musical record.  We're the first church that it has been offered to.  After the service, he will have them set up in the foyer for sale at the price of seven dollars each.  Just make your way back there and get as many as you like."

That all sounded great to me.  My first record, my music being played by many people and a little extra money to actually pay back the loan for all the studio time.  Then, on my way back to the sales table, the preacher added.  "Now folks, I know that times are hard for a lot of you out there, so if you can't afford one of Brother David's new records, don't you worry.  The church is gonna buy one and we'll run off as many copies as you need."  I sold one (1) album that week!

Well, I've come along way since those times.  Sometimes I sell two or three times more than that  on my first night!   Now here's your chance to get in on the ground floor yourself.  THE NEW ALBUM IS OUT!  Yes indeed.  Two years in the making, with dozens of people involved, hundreds of instruments used, and it still just sounds like me sittin' on a rock strummin' a guitar and singin' on the prairie. It's the best I can do!  But I really like what many folks have helped me put together in this new project.  It's my heart and message in every song.  You can get it here at the web site or the internet outlets that you usually use.  Give it a listen and let me know if you like it.  If you don't like it, I'd just as soon not hear from you!  Now folks, I know that times are hard for a lot of you out there, so if you can't afford one of the new records, please don't record off of someone else's album.  That's against the law.  Just call me and I'll come over and sing it in person.   

Love in the Lord



Love In Any Language

So permit me to vent just a bit.  To all of you people, (and by people, I mean men,) who wait until the  "day before" Valentine's Day to purchase your pitiful little cards and your cheap, heart-shaped box of hardly eatable candy, along with the wilted bouquet of daises, I say STOP IT!  It makes it sooo much harder on those of us who wait until the "day of" Valentines to find something for our oh so special loved one!  Such was the case this last February 14th.

I awoke early that morning and turned on the news expecting to hear about gas prices rising or the new war in Bango-Bango, when lo and behold, blazoned across my tv screen with a wide banner was the phrase, "Happy Valentines Day!" Panic and fear simultaneously overcame me.  If I have to, I can pay a little more at the pump.  I might still have the stamina to fight in Bango-Bango for the revolution, but the thought of facing Betty this Valentine's morning, without a token of my love would be more than I could endure.  I'm sure she already has me a card.  Probably a card and a gift.  Probably a card, a gift, and a video of all our treasured moments together.  Oh No!  I headed to Valentine Central,... the drug store.  Now this part is where paragraph one kicks back in.  It was worse than the milk and bread aisle of a grocery store during a hurricane!  Not a card, not a petal, not even a tootsie roll!  The "day beforers" had struck and the world was so empty!  But then I saw it!  A splash of red under the card rack.  Could it be?  I scrambled toward the color with all my speed and sure enough, it was a beautiful, heart-shaped card with a ribbon and glitter! I grabbed it as I slid by and rushed to the counter to make my love redeeming purchase.  I didn't have my glasses, so the print seemed a little blurry.  I held the card in a better light while waiting in the cash register lane and still could not make out the words.  I saw a magnifying glass on a rack and used it to scan the writing.  This is where the morning takes a seriously bad turn.  The beautiful red card, was in Spanish!  Oh no!  It's the only card left!  The only one at all.  There are no other cards!  It's the very last of it's species!  What to do, what to do!  I'll tell her I'm trying to be multi-cultural.  I'm a man of the world.  I'm searching for my "south of the border" personality.  I have to buy the card!  It's the last one!  It's a beautiful card in a beautiful language.  What could be wrong with that?  I'm buying it.  But wait, what does it say?  Is it for my wife or my mother?  Oh no!  Not for my mother!  At that time a Mexican guy came walking right by the check-out lane.  I said, "Sir, could you read this card to me?"  He stared at me like I'd asked him for his wallet.  "This card, I can't read it because it's in Spanish and I don't know Spanish, could you read it to me and tell me what it says?"  "OK, he said."  So he began reading the card to me.....IN SPANISH!  It was a really long read!  He didn't know English, I didn't know Spanish.  It was like two rear tires spinning opposite directions in a muddy ditch.  Can I give it to Betty not knowing what it says?  It has a big red heart right on it.  It must be a Valentine card.  But what if it's not?  What if it's a coronary by-pass recovery card?  At this point, it doesn't matter, it's all I've got!  I bought the card.  I took it home and signed it "With Love, Davido"  Betty found it on the dining table that morning.  She opened it and began to read.  She looked at me and said, "You do know that it's in Spanish"  "Yes I said, I'm trying something different."  Then she smiled and said, "It was the last one wasn't it?"  After 41 years together, it's hard to pull anything new!  She turned it over and much to my surprise, in tiny letters (never go card shopping without your glasses) was the English translation.  She began to cry as she read it.  I asked if she was touched because I had remembered Valentines Day.  "No."  Are you crying because this is our 41st Valentines Day together?  "No."  Well honey, I'm going to need a little more info before I can comfort you.  She looked up and said, "This is the sweetest, most thoughtful, loving card you have ever gotten me."

 .....Oh my!  What just happened?  Did I make this work?  Did I come out ahead?  Hey, instead of a pit, like I usually fall into, I think I stumbled into a field of flowers here.  Then she turned to me and said, "I especially like the last line of the card that says, 'My love for you is forever like a diamond, so go to Zales and pick out whichever one you want.'  That's my favorite line,"she said smiling.  

.....Wait, is that what it says?!  Is that really in there?  Does it actually mentioned Zales?!  How do you spell Zales in Spanish? Let me see that card!

On our way to Zales, I'm stopping at the drug store to see if they've gotten any early Valentines for next year.  Thanks a lot all you "day beforers!"

If you never read it, you'll never know for sure what it says.  Joshua 1:8 





Life-Time Warranty

It was a couple of years back while Betty was in the middle of her cancer treatment, (and I must add, on some pretty high powered medication,) that one day I tried to be sensitive and helpful.  I don't think those characteristics come naturally.  I think they have to be crafted and honed continually, because if used in the wrong way or time, they can come back to bite you.  (I am currently being treated for bites!)  Thinking along the lines of cooking dinner or vacuuming the living room, I patiently waited for her response.  She looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes that snagged me so long ago and sweetly though a little sluggishly (don't forget the medicine) said, "I've always wanted a sunroom built on to our bedroom, with big windows that look out over the lake."

WHAT?!  I already had the vacuum plugged in and was reaching for the can of chili.  WHAT?!  "Honey, I love you, but, I'll tell you right now, there's just no way in the world I have time to build a sunroom onto the house."  So.....a few weeks go by and I'm building a sunroom onto the house..., and I began to have trouble with my nail gun.  I work with it and take it apart and clean it.  I change the battery and put a new propane cartridge in it, and still it doesn't work.  I give it one more chance to act right as I press it firmly against the new door frame for the new sunroom, and it explodes in my hand and flames go everywhere.  My eyebrows instantly left my face and apparently headed for a colder climate.  I was quite surprised by the loud explosion though you could never tell it by my expression! ( once again, no eye brows)  I recovered in a day or two, but not the nail gun.  It was scorched and melted in spots.  Some years ago, when I bought the gun, I purchased a life-time warranty.  Upon taking it to the nail gun store they told me the life-time guarantee had expired!  WHAT?!  "But sir," I said, "It's a lifetime warranty.  I'm still alive.  What's the problem?"

"It's not your life-time the gun is guaranteed for, it's the life of the gun, and clearly the gun is dead.  Warranty up."

Well here we go.  I presented my case as follows.  "What good is a warranty if when the product craters and you need the warranty, the warranty is no longer valid because of the cratering of the product?"  It made perfect sense to me.  But then the nail gun guy gave me some complicated reason why the guarantee was written the way it was, what the original intent of the company was when it was written and I think I heard the word NASCAR in there somewhere.  So after a very long, boring, convoluted, you're never gonna win this argument rebuttal, I came back to my original statement.  WHAT?!  I even threw in the phrases "catch 22" and "which came first, the chicken or the egg?"  I realized when I said them, they didn't pertain all that well to the situation, but it was all I had.  It was like trying to completely understand "Back to the Future."  Just when you think it makes sense, Doc Brown shows up again to complicate the storyline!

I spoke at a wonderful Disciple Now Weekend a few weeks ago.  One of the students who gave her life to Christ on Sunday morning was asking me about her salvation.  She was wanting to know more about the forever part.  With great confidence I told her that her salvation was a, "beyond this life-time, never ending, forever and ever, throughout eternity, without ceasing, always without end warranty.  You can count on this, because you can count on Him.  Not only is your salvation written in ink, but it is also in the blood of Jesus.  There are NO good guarantees given by this world.  Even a true lifetime warranty here is temporary.  But He is FOREVER faithful.  His promise is everlasting.  Blessed ASSURANCE, Jesus is mine!  It's a "Beyond Life-time Warranty!"  She liked that.  I like it too.

I'm still working on the sunroom.  Betty walked in last week while I was tiling the floor and asked, "Why did you decide to build this room?"