David's Thoughts

Fall Schedule

We've had a wonderful summer this year.  We've been from the rocky coast of Maine, to the green hills of Virginia, to the cool air of Colorado and then to the stifling heat of Texas!  We've seen people receive Jesus from the ages of 8 to 84!  We've covered a lot of territory, physically and spiritually.  Thanks to all the pastors and churches who have used us this year.  I'm still amazed every time the phone rings or the email comes from someone wanting us to share Christ.  We started our 35th year of this ministry in March of this year.  You'd think by now I would have found a job!  My dad used to ask me when I was going to get a REAL job.  "You know," he'd say, "one with benefits."  I always told him "This job's benefits are out of this world!" I don't know that he ever understood that.  

We've had some cancellations in September of this year.  Pastors resigning and moving will cut into our schedule pretty fast.  If your church or organization can use us next month, please call and let's schedule something.  I want to be used and not be idle.  If you know of an event or revival that we could be a part of, let us know.  Email or call the office.  Operators are standing by, well actually Betty is sitting by the phone, but it's the same principal, just smaller scale.

I hope your summer was terrific!  We're looking forward to the fall with great anticipation that God will continue to move in his people.  Thank you for praying for us.  Hope to see some of you very soon

In Christ, David