David's Thoughts

Kinda Busy

I've been visiting doctors lately.  Nothing serious, just the standard older gentleman stuff.  Things like, I hear the door bell ring, but there's no one there.  I even hear it when I'm driving the car.  That's not right.  Bending over is getting harder.  Whenever I do so, to like pick up my shoes, I look around to see if there's anything else I can do while I'm down there, because the trip back takes so long.  I certainly don't want to repeat it!  Yesterday I reached down and grabbed my socks from the floor.  On the way up, I dropped one.  It's still there!  I've limited myself to one trip per day to the carpet.  

Anyway, I have a great hometown doctor.  Dr. Sherbert.  He's methodist, I'm Baptist.  Each visit starts with zingers.  He thinks it's funny that Baptist frown on dancing.  I saw him dance at a wedding once.  I told him I think the Methodist should frown on his dancing.  He doesn't understand why Baptist shy away from alcohol.  I said that we didn't need alcohol because he keeps prescribing cough medicine to all our congregation.  He laughed and then asked me why I had come into the clinic that day and what were my symptoms.  I told him I had a really bad cough!

A while back, Dr. Sherbert's office was closed and I had to go to a city doctor.  I waited for 2 hours.  When the door opened to the exam room, the physicians assistant came in to attend to me.  He said the doctor was kinda busy so he would do the exam.  After 5 minutes of telling me to exercise and diet, he left.  The bill was $320.  They scheduled me to come back in three months.  Three months later while I was there, the door opened to the exam room and in came the doctor's nurse.  She said she was sorry that the physician's assistant couldn't see me because he was kinda busy, but that she would take down my stats and inform me by e-mail if I was dying.  The bill was $320.  Apparently I'm not dead yet, so they scheduled me to come back this week.  Lo and behold, after a 30 minute wait, in walked the doctor.  It's good to meet your doctor after being his patient for a year.  He apologized that the physician's assistant couldn't be there because he was kinda busy.  He asked me two questions, stethoscoped me and spent ( I timed it on my phone) 1 minute and 34.6 seconds with me.  The bill was $320.  

Driving home I was talking to the Lord.  I said, "Lord can you believe that these people would have so little time for me after all that I have given them?"

He said, "......Yes."