David's Thoughts


So I’m at this great conference this week in Orlando, Florida.  I set up my little keyboard and tuned my plastic guitar and I’m ready to be on the program.  I had not received information as to who else would be on the list of singers and speakers.  I get to work with some really great folks in what I do, and I’m surprised many times by who is there.  So Dino, (the piano player, not the dinosaur) came out and started playing the song that shot him to fame, “Chariots of Fire.”  He played for an hour and the crowd went crazy. Then a group by the name of “Signature Sound” performed for nearly two hours. They were really goooood!  They closed with the majestic song, “Then Came the Morning,” where everybody stands to their feet and just praises the Lord.  I mean it was dynamic and powerful and up-lifting and overwhelming.  Then the organizer of the conference looks at me and says, “OK Crain, go wow ‘em”......  So I start of with my rousing rendition of “Deep and Wide,” followed by “This little Light of Mine.”  I’m thinking, man, am I at the right conference?  Surely I took a wrong turn at the beach.  But you know, they sang with me and we worshiped the Lord together, we clapped our hands and shouted and we had a great time because we were all in one accord.  The same spirit had brought us together.  We had a bond.  As we were tearing down sound equipment on the last night, one of the guys with Signature Sound said to me “This conference was great because we were all drinking from the same fountain.”  He looked at me, smiled and said, “You know, the one that flows “Deep and Wide!”  Was that a shot?  Naa.  Just a fact!