David's Thoughts


Betty’s hair is really gone.  I mean slick.  But she looks really great bald.  So I’ve seen news articles where a person would go bald from surgery or chemo or whatever, and their friends and family would shave their heads to show support and encouragement.  So I was thinking about that and I mentioned it to Betty, thinking that it would be a sweet gesture.  I said to her that I was thinking of razoring my head to empathize with her.  She said, “NO!  Don’t even think about it!”  She turned and walked down the hall and I thought I heard her say, “On Sundays, you’ll look like a monkey in a zoo!”  I said, “What?”  She turned and said, “On Sundays, you’ll look a monk in a suit!”  Well, that sounded better, but not by much.  I told her that I think I might look cool in bald.  I said, “Winston Churchill was bald, Bruce Willis from the movies is bald.  Those guys are cool.”  To which she replied, “Curly from the Stooges was bald, and so was Elmer Fudd.  And that would be your NOT cool category.”  So I asked her which category she would put me in.  She smiled and said, “Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk you wascally wabbit!”  Sometimes she has a very direct indirect approach.  She started,  “If you shave your head, then what do you do about your beard?  Do you shave your beard too?  I don’t remember you without a beard.  Can you imagine what that would look like?  What if some unknown problem has happened to your face after all these years and your beard has been graciously covering something grotesque.  What about your moustache?  Do you shave it as well?  I haven’t kissed a man without a moustache in thirty-eight years.  What if it’s not the same.  What if it’s like being married to someone else!  What if we stop kissing and then we drift apart and you move to Florida to a retirement community and the children forget your name and….....”  I said, “So…..no shaving of hair, right?”  She said, “Well honey, don’t let me influence your decision.  It’s whatever you want.”  So on my own,... I have decided not to shave anything.  After photo shopping my head without hair, top and/or bottom, it turns out she was right.  I do look like a monkey/monk in a zoo/suit.  The woman has a keen eye. (but not a twig of hair)  Did I mention she looks great?!
    Betty had the really hard chemo today.  Her white cell count was at @2300.  That’s low, but not terrible.  This will be a tough week, but I get to be home to take care of her.  We’ll lock the doors and try to stay away from germs.  Thank you for your prayers.  This is a bitter sweet time for us.  We hurt, but God is sufficient and that brings the peace in the pain.  Yes, we even chuckle and laugh.  Life is good and God is great.  Thank you for all the cards and emails.  It really helps to know that people care.  Continue to pray also for our ministry.  We have a calling to fulfill. God bless!