David's Thoughts


So the bleeding has finally stopped.  The surgeon had no explanation for the event. “Could have been this, could have been that.”  Five days is a long time to lose blood according to Dr. David Crain, but apparently we were all in a tither about nothing.  I didn’t mean to leave you hanging over the week-end. but that’s where we were also.  Just hanging, waiting for someone to tell us what the deal was.  I’m sure that doctors are called for many non-emergency medical problems.  “What color should this be…what does this smell like…does this one look bigger than the other one?”  I can understand a doctors’ frustration with a lot of the crazy symptoms that arise from a neurotic group of patients.  But if I were a doctor and a patient called and said, “Hey, we’re bleeding buckets here, what should we do?”, I think I’d probably say something like, “Ya’ll might want to mosey on down to the hospital here so we can plug that sucker up!”  But, that’s just me.  Anyway, we’re plugged up now.  Betty’s arm is still very painful. Still resting in Him and comforted in your prayers.  We love you all.