David's Thoughts


Betty’s second surgery came and went yesterday.  She did great.  She has always had trouble with her pulse rate in surgery.  First of all, her pulse rate normally runs somewhere in the mid 50’s.  She has the pulse of a runner, though she hasn’t run since she was chasing after me in 1970.  On her last surgery, five weeks ago, her pulse got down to 34 in the recovery room.  All the alarms sounded off on the monitors until she went home.  Yesterday, her pulse rate was consistently in the upper 60’s and lower 70’s!  Usually after surgery, I’m trying to wake her up so we can leave the hospital.  If she is the first to be operated on that day, she is the last to go home because her pulse rate is dangerously low.  But yesterday, when I went into the recovery room, she was up drinking a grape soda, putting on her shoes and wanting to know why I hadn’t brought the car around yet.  I said, “What’s the deal?  Why are you awake and in your right mind?”  She smiled and said, “People are really praying for me today.”  So, all you “people,” thank you!  What started off as a very down day, was turned into a sweet time of peace.  Thank you for spending time on you knees, or standing or sitting, or however you talk to the Father.  Thank you for investing in the life of my precious one.  Her pain has been super low.  Her energy level is great.  We are blessed!  Now,....if you would like to continue praying, here’s the next thing.  Pray that the lymph nodes that were removed will be cancer free.  That is our major concern right now.  If you could work that in with your conversation with the Lord, it would be greatly appreciated.  We will rest and reenergize this week end and head back to the doctors next week for our reports.  We love you all and thank you for keeping up with us through this blog.  If you could share this web-site with someone, that would be really wonderful.  It keeps Bettys’ name before prayer warriors all over and that really seems to working well!!!.  God bless.