David's Thoughts


Saturday, Nov. 19, (7:18 am)
We start the day by draining tubes and bandaging stitches.  We do this three times a day.  Betty is a trooper.  She patiently waits while I fumble with the process.  Hopefully the remaining tubes will be removed next week.  Our friend Mildred Rogers has brought over a large pillow that she thinks will help Betty to sleep in the bed since she has only been able to sleep in a recliner so far.  The word “large” might not adequately describe this pillow.  It’s more like a 55 gallon drum wrapped in a brown tarp!  I’ve been sleeping on the couch for the last week.  Night before last I was so excited to actually sleep in my bed.  I gave Betty a bell to ring if she needed me.  Apparently she needed me a lot.  Our house sounded like Westminster Cathedral all night long. So I thought we should be in the same room for sleep from now on.  So last night we both tried the bed.  By the time Betty got her knee pillow and her regular pillow and her arm pillow and then her “Big Bertha” pillow that Mildred had shared with her, their was no room for me in the bed.  I had like six inches left on my side.  I finally got perched on my postage stamp sized sleep area and drifted off to sleep.  I don’t know when or how, but the “Fat Albert” pillow drifted towards me in the night.  I had a dream I was being suffocated by a large bear in a moo moo!  It was just Mildred’s pillow.  Now I keep the bell on my side of the bed and ring it when the pillow attacks, and Betty hoists it back to her side.  Betty loves the pillow, it gives her rest and she now sleeps soundly with it.  I am frightened by the pillow, it creeps me out, and I now sleep with the light on.  Thanks Mildred!

We did get a good night’s rest and are doing well.  Betty says her pain is hard.  We don’t seem to be improving as we should, but we wait.  The pain may be excruciating, but the peace is exquisite.  God is gracious to us.  Again, thank you for your prayers.  We are continually amazed at the concern of God’s people for us.  Thank you for the cards, the meals, and the visits.  If Betty comes to your mind during the day, please lift her up.  We love you all so much.