David's Thoughts


Tuesday, Nov. 15, (9:00 am)
So we’re up and moving after a long night of tossing and turning.  We’ve talked about the new info and are settling in with it.  In the midst of all this bad news, I find that dishes still have to washed and clothes still have to be cleaned.  So we start our day.
(9:24 am)
I take all the dishes out of the dishwasher and put them away.  I see dishes that I don’t recognize.  So, I try to find a place for them in the cabinets.  After stowing away every last dish, pot and utensil, Betty asked if I had turned on the dishwasher before going to bed last night.  
(10:03 am)
Trying to locate all the dirty dishes that I had placed in the cabinet.  Have found most of them, however the dishwasher seems a lot less full than it did earlier.  Put the right soap in the dishwasher and found the buttons that operate it.  Must remember to use the buttons every time.
(10:58 am)
Betty wants to know if I rinsed the dishes before I put them in the dishwasher.  I asked what she meant by rinsed.  She said, “You know, cleaned them.”  I said that I thought the dishwasher cleaned them.  She said, “Well, it does but you kind of have to pre-clean them sometimes by rinsing them under hot water.”  I was taken back in my mind to the year after high school when I was a bachelor.  If my dishes ever got rinsed under hot water, they were ready for storage!  If there were little hard crusty things on the plate when you ate the next time, I just considered that as a side order!  “That’s crazy,” I said, “to rinse/wash the dishes before you wash them.  I’m just not gonna do that!” 
(12:47 pm)
So I’m rinse/washing the dishes after lunch, and I notice a plate with a name written on the bottom.  “Pugh.” Huh.  “Betty, did we buy some dishes at the thrift store?”  She tells me those are the dishes that some friends from church had brought over with our meals in them.  “How many are there dear?”  She said about fifteen.       
(1:20 pm)
Trying to find the dishes that I didn’t recognize.  Hid them pretty well.  So far, I have found seven.  Ladies from our church who are reading this, give me a couple more days.  They’re here, just can’t put my hands on them yet.  Will rinse/wash them before I bring them to you.  

    Betty is doing well today.  It’s her best day so far.  We have enjoyed just being here without going to the doctor’s office.  Have an appointment tomorrow at Noon.  Will keep you posted on the outcome.  Once again, thank you for your prayers.  They are greatly needed.  We rest in Him.