David's Thoughts


We certainly hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Our son Caleb and daughter-in-law Nadene arrived on Wednesday.  They cooked a wonderful meal for us on Thursday.  As we ate, I was reminded of the first meal he prepared for me for breakfast on a Father’s day many years ago.  I don’t totally remember the menu, but it was something like Capn’ Crunch with mustard.  I guess he was going for more of a “brunch effect.”  We had a great time with the kids and already miss them terribly.  

Yesterday, Betty and I went to Tyler again to see doctors.  We talked with our Oncologist about the next step.  Betty’s cancer is one of the most aggressive breast cancers known, however, it is also the most treatable.  The worst and best in one package.  Our second surgery is scheduled for December 9th at 9:00 am.  More lymph nodes will be removed and another section of skin.  Again, more tubes to deal with.  Chemotherapy will began about 10 days later.  Betty will loose her hair, so yesterday we picked out a hat.  In the hall way of the oncologist’s office is a hat tree.  These hats are made by ladies of FBC Henderson for cancer patients.  At first I didn’t want to take one, because right now, we can still afford a hat.  Then I read the tag inside that said, “We prayed for you as we sewed your hat.  May God’s love, mercy and peace cover you as this hat covers your head.”  We picked out a blue one.  I couldn’t pass up Betty being prayed for by these gracious, caring women.  If any of you ladies from First Baptist Church of Henderson are reading this, I tell you now, you have already ministered to us and we haven’t even worn your hat.  Thank you for being what the church should be.  We go back to the other surgeon on Wednesday for another check up and to stretch the skin again in preparation for the second surgery.  That’s a really hard day.  I leave on Friday to go to the Cove; Billy Graham’s retreat center in Asheville, NC.  I didn’t know until this week that I would be on the program with George Beverly Shea and Kurt Kiser.  If you don’t know those names then you probably still have most of your hair and your knees don’t click when you walk.  We are hoping that Betty can go with me on this trip, but we just don’t know how she’ll be doing after the Wednesday doctor visit.  
Friends are still calling and praying.  Many of you have emailed to tell us you are lifting her up.  Thank you so much for your continued prayers and love.  We are resting in Him and are quite comfortable.  We love you all.