David's Thoughts


Friday, Nov. 11, (7:30 am)
Today starts off slow for Betty.  It takes a while to get her up and moving.  She can’t use her arms for several weeks, so I’m doing a lot of extra things that I’ve never done before.  Apparently someone came into our house last night and had a party, because there are dishes and glasses all over the kitchen.  In the past, these items have just disappeared, and as if by magic, reappeared in the cabinet clean.  Not so today.  Also, I had to wear a swimsuit today for underwear.  My bvd drawer was bare down to the bottom, and so was I.  The dishes multiplied and the underwear vanished!  This was all before 8 am!  I’m having to rethink Betty’s allowance.  She might need more than $10 a week.
(9:11 am)  Betty is now instructing me from the recliner as to where the dish washing detergent is and how much to use.  Then, where the washing machine detergent is and how much to use.  It is important not to mix up your detergents in your machines!

(10:46 am)  Now cleaning suds from the kitchen floor.  It’s good to hear Betty laugh again.  

(11:50 am)  Headed to Wal-Mart to buy more detergent.  While walking the aisles, I realize that I’m hungry. Very hungry.  Bad place to be when you’re hungry.  Called Betty to see if she wanted me to bring something home for lunch.  She said, “Surprise me.”  To me, that’s a throw down challenge.  Looking back, I see now why I should never go shopping without someone to keep me from being the shopper that I can’t help but be.  

(1:24 pm)  Filling the refrigerator with chicken tenders, barbeque chicken, chicken quesadillas, chicken noodle soup, chicken livers, chicken spaghetti, buffalo chicken wings and chicken sticks. (dog treats).  I don’t know why I overloaded on chicken items.  I guess because they were closest to the front door.  Betty looked through all the chicken purchases and said maybe she’d just have a bowl of chili!!!

(1:52 pm)  Headed to Wal-Mart.  Forgot the detergent! 

We’ve had a great afternoon,  She is not hurting as much today and we’re settling in to a routine with all of her medical needs.  I wish all her pain could be on me.  I would gladly take if for her.  But since I can’t, I’ll just stick as close as I can.  Thank you for your continued prayers.  We feel them every moment. We are blessed!