David's Thoughts


Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011 (7:30 am)
I started off the morning with a broken tooth!  Great timing stupid tooth!  Emptied drain tubes on Betty and applied anti-biotic cream to stitched areas.  Betty’s feeling really lethargic today.  Am gone for over an hour to fix the tooth.  
(11:09 am)
Return home and start lunch.  Betty gets sick after lunch.  Runs a fever and throws up for the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon.  Doctor thinks she caught a “bug” in the hospital.  Finally get a prescription called in to the pharmacy and get the craziness to subside.  Things get a little better, then a little bleaker.  As we level off, we get a call from the oncologist.  It appears they have discovered a small nodule on Betty’s lung.  Too small to biopsy, but definitely something to be concerned about.  Reminded of Psalms 142:5 “Then I pray to you, O Lord, you are my place of refuge.  You are all I really want in life.”  I’ve always been astounded by the fact that God gives us “peace that passes understanding.”  People often ask me to explain that phrase.  I simply say that I cannot, because it “passes my understanding!”  I am not able to comprehend how I am at rest in the storm, but I can still get in on it without worrying about how it is possible.  He is our refuge of rest.
(8:45 pm)  We pray, cry a little and rest in Him.                                                                                                                    

Please continue to lift Betty up to the Lord.  She’s my favorite wife.  She’s been my girl for most of my life.  I almost don’t remember life before her.  Betty says she is honored that God would trust her with this illness.  She wants the Lord to receive the Glory in it.  That is one of the many reasons way she is loved so dearly by me.  Thank you for interceding on her behalf.  God bless.